How We Co-exist With Nature

A dynamic and immersive weekend exploring how we co-exist with nature through the lens of STEM and ART. Collaborate, code, taste, touch, plant, make, create and change. Fast track your knowledge, build on what you already know, learn real life skills, get your hands dirty and get wild.  You’ll see giant roving creatures, interactive installations, games, workshops, discussions & demonstrations - all kinds of curiosities!







9:30 AM TO 4:30 PM






The Edible Bug Shop2.jpg

The Edible Bug Shop

Drop in to find out more about the nutritional value of bugs and why bugs will play a larger role in our diets in the future.  Learn about food systems, future food and how bugs are being used in popular restaurants. Design your own edible insect product packaging, taste some bugs and even buy some to take home!


Cameron The Giant Inflatable Kiddiepillar

Cameron the friendly caterpillar is a rollicking good time for kids under nine years of age. Enter through Cameron's mouth and traverse through the popups, up and over the slide and out of his tail.


Crazy Science Lab

Come and experience the Crazy Science lab examining pulsating pressure and pH experiments that explore the many forces of nature and why the world works the way it does. Create bubbling CO2 canisters that fly through the air, investigate the pH of chemicals and see amazing 'magical' potions that appear to change colour in front of your eyes. See massive fog geysers and familiar objects smash due to being colder than any natural place on Earth. Investigate bubble geometry with giant bubble making and even play with LEGO robotics.


Forensics: Who Dunnit?

The forensics lab is set to be a sight to behold. Parents and kids converge and collaborate to find out Who Dunnit! Test fingerprints, footprints, bite prints, splatter patterns and discover the art of pen ink chromatography. After data collection and sorting through evidence, determine who really did do it or whether you still need a lie detector test to figure out the mystery.

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Lost in Books

Forked Tongues Multilingual Storytelling Collective requests the pleasure of your company.  Take a seat and tune in to be treated to stories in Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and English. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a storyteller you can slip into the storyteller’s cloak and share a story of your own.  Lost In Books is the brainchild of Jane Stratton and her team at Think+DO Tank Foundation.


Loose Parts Play

An invitation for open-ended play. Activate your imagination and create all kinds of crazy inventions. Recycled and sustainable materials provide weird and wonderful elements in Loose Parts Play. Explore themes such as waste management, sustainability, reusable materials. Roll up your sleeves because it’s all imagination in action.


Nature Journaling

Develop your practice of drawing and writing in response to the riches and wonder of the natural world around you. Leith Walton guides you through an exploration of your surroundings and helps you to express it your unique way. Simple sketches or finished works, there’s no right or wrong way to play with pencils and watercolors. We can’t wait to see how you see the world around us. Bring your own journal or make a small notebook with us.


Gen Zen Warriors

Cultivate your brain with Gen Zen Warriors and become one with nature through a variety of mindfulness techniques, yoga postures and teachings that include breath, awareness, dance, relaxation, crafts, art, dance, games and the growth mindset.  Breath, movement, mindfulness & positive psychology ignite our inner worlds.

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Grow Your Mind

Grow Your Mind uses playful techniques to educate and empower children, families and school communities about the importance of mental health.  Founded by primary school teacher Alice Peel and Chinese Medicine Practitioner Kristina Freeman, Grow Your Mind uses the latest positive psychology and mindfulness research to educate kids on the basics of their brain and helps them develop emotional regulation skills, emotional literacy and the qualities essential to good mental health and resilience. Visit Grow Your Mind's stall to join a game of Giant Weeds and Flowers - a positive psychology version of Snakes and Ladders.


The Vegetable Plot

Experience a live, earthy, soilful show which will plant seeds of inspiration to blossom in the years to come. Songs are filled with jokes and puns to show kids that language isn’t just something you learn it’s something you play with. The Vegetable Plot is on a mission of Love and Peas. Kids will fall in love veggies through the power of music and storytelling.

The Vegetable Plot.jpg

Robotics Man

Robot. Circus. Comedy. Stunt Show. Sam combines his construction skills in special effects and prop-making with high-energy entertainment to present an unforgettable performance. Sam steers the audience on a journey with electronic beats setting the scene for his body popping and robotic dance routines, volunteer interaction, a whole lot of laughs, robotic puppetry, and some very impressive stunts. This fun, family-friendly and visually appealing spectacular finishes on a climax of epic proportions!


Giant Praying Mantis and Ladybug

Check out our amazing stilt-walking Praying Mantis. Sweet and scary this creature comes from a world where blades of grass grow above your heads and insects are bigger than cars.  Joined by our bouncing, dancing ladybug who is endlessly curious and sweet as neon eye candy. These elegant artists dance on stilts among the crowds bringing a joyful splash of colour to the party.

Praying Mantis.jpg

Planet Protector - Molly Steer

Molly Steer’s ‘Straw No More’ campaign has helped change local government policy, shifted a food giant into action and started a movement joined by more than 900 schools and universities, and 700 businesses encompassing over 800,000 individuals. And it all started when this incredible nine year old saw a film called A Plastic Ocean, which highlighted the epidemic of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. Molly was inspired to help protect her beloved Great Barrier Reef so started the "Straw No More Project" - a campaign aimed at removing single-use plastic straws from school tuckshops across Cairns. Now eleven, Molly has engaged a global audience with the #StrawNoMore pledge and has been at the forefront of changing local government policy regarding single-use plastics in Cairns and Moreton Bay local government areas. Molly presents her vision, the impact of the campaign and invites you to consider your own role as a protector of the planet.



Coding is the language of the future and Code4Fun are here to teach kids the basics of writing code. Through creativity, innovation and teamwork kids will learn to code flying drones to detect sharks, build their own computer games and solve real-world problems.  Limited spaces available.


Microbat Hotels

The native microbat is a tiny creature with an exceptional system of navigation.  They use echolocation to create a sound picture of their environment, which also enables them to be experienced hunters (they eat up to 1200 mosquitoes an hour!).  Award winning educator Wahoo Business will help kids to create a Microbat Hotel to take home and place in the garden to attract more of this curious creature to the backyard.


Build a Solitary Bee Hive

There are over 1,500 species of native bee species in Australia. About 10% of Australia's native bees are 'social' meaning that they form hives and have a queen. They are also completely stingless.  Our native bees are vital pollinators - they help our wildflowers to survive and increase the yield of many of our agricultural crops.  Award-winning educator Wahoo Business will facilitate a workshop to build a solitary bee hive which will help promote native bees in home gardens.


Inertial Birds

Participants are provided with the materials and tools to make an inertial hanging bird mobile for their garden, bedroom or veranda. These birds use balance and inertia to create an even peaceful movement.  We'll discuss and appreciate bird anatomy as we build interesting designs that can be used for peaceful enjoyment, to promote wildlife and as a link between art and nature.


Build an Ocarina

Made from clay, and taught to play, a 12,000 year old clay instrument anciently used by the Mayans, Aztecs and Chinese. We use sticks, dirt, straws, stones and sculpt clay to mould a clay flute based on the four hole design English mathematician John Watson developed in 1964. Participants are guided through the steps to make the flute and take it home with fingering notes of some popular tunes to play.


Origami Frogs

Come and explore the paper art form that has been popular throughout history in Japan, China and Europe. Using precision and patience you'll create your own jumping frog from recycled train tickets and once ready you can challenge your friends with jumping competitions and other froggy games.